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The Coquine Collection

Intimate wellness essentials designed to enhance arousal, banish discomfort, and boost pleasure

Elevate your self-care rituals with our premium cannabis oil blends made with clean, vegan ingredients and enticing aromas.

  • ฿1,588.65

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    60 ML — 300 mg CBD

    An all-natural, vegan-friendly, effective and soothing formula that works even for the most sensitive people. Meet your new bedside BFF, a unique, specially formulated topical oil using a proprietary blend of CBD and complementary active ingredients with aphrodisiacs to enhance pleasure.

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  • ฿1,333.65

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    100 ML — 500 mg CBD

    Made of clean, cruelty-free vegan ingredients, Coquine is thoughtfully designed and sustainably packaged to be eco-conscious and not damage our earth. All of our packaging is made with recyclable aluminium, which can be refilled. More magic potion, less carbon footprint.

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