Approach to Intimacy

We believe that intimacy wellness should be a priority for everyone, and that it is just an extension of self-care. We want to make this accessible to every modern lover, to uplift their everyday.

SlapHappy wants to address the ways that CBD can support intimate health & wellness.

There should be no shame in enhancing an integral part of wellness – intimacy. Everyone deserves to get in touch with those natural sensations of love and pleasure.

We understand that “getting in the mood” is easier for some than for others. Especially considering all the modern-day mental and physical ailments or symptoms that so many of us deal with, which impact our desires or interest in getting intimate. From anxiety, to pain, to low libido, sometimes our state of health and wellness stops us from wanting to get frisky. With our brains being our largest intimate organs, day-to-day stress can deeply influence our intimate lives – that’s when CBD comes to the rescue.

To give us a hand (pun intended) with heightening feelings of arousal and improving overall well-being. Allowing for each of us to tap into our inner and natural desires, get more comfortable, and have a more pleasurable intimate experience. CBD can restore that balance and harmony, internally and externally, to help get us in the mood.

Essentially – it can help us combat urban stress by letting us reclaim our own pleasure.

From Mother Nature Herself

Redefining intimacy with premium grade CBD oil product made with all-natural active ingredients.

This is where the magic begins. Our products are crafted with pure and natural organic ingredients, locally sourced and created from hemp plants grown in Ratchaburi, Thailand where the plantation, drying and extraction facilities of Eastern Spectrum Group are based. Completely cruelty free, with no nasties added.

Broad Spectrum hemp oil contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant, working together in harmony to give you their full healing potential.

Our products go through rigorous third-party testing to ensure quality, consistency and potency.