Coquine CBD Intimacy Oil


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60 ML — 300 mg CBD

An all-natural, vegan-friendly, effective and soothing formula that works even for the most sensitive people. Meet your new bedside BFF, a unique, specially formulated topical oil using a proprietary blend of CBD and complementary active ingredients with aphrodisiacs to enhance pleasure.

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  • Boosts your body’s lubrication.
  • Promotes circulation and helps ease any pain or discomfort.
  • Helps you unwind and enjoy intimacy as it was meant to be enjoyed.
  • Creates warming and cooling sensations.
  • Can help you reach climax easier and more effectively.

Coquine is made using an original plant-based formula that is pH-balanced to promote optimal levels of acid and bases in the blood at which the body functions best.

Featuring a blend of plant-derived oils with aphrodisiac, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, our intimate oil is enriched with CBD isolate to bring pleasure and comfort to your most sensual solo or shared moments.

Ingredient list: CBD isolate 0.5%, Organic MCT coconut oil, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E, Ginger oil, Cocoa butter, Cardamom oil, Cinnamon oil, Peppermint oil, Gingsen seed oil, Pommegranate Oil, Vanilla essential oil, Cacao Extract, Hemp Seed Oil

As an intimate massage oil
The exhilarating cannabis oil blend heightens sensitivity for ultra-blissful sensations while simultaneously decreasing discomfort and dryness. A true all-rounder, it cares for the most sensitive skins, enhances pleasure, and gives a velvety sensual feel. Oh, and we made sure it tastes and smells great too…
Don’t hesitate to play and experiment with this non-sticky and edible oil: touch it, feel it, taste it, and drop it wherever you like…

As a lubricant
To be used without moderation, with a partner, solo, with toys…
Oily lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms. Prefer condoms called “second skin” in polyisoprene or polyethylene.
Does not present any risk if swallowed.

Check out The Coquine Playbook for more explicit instructions.

This is not a medical product!
Before using the product, please take a quick look at the ingredients to make sure there aren’t any potential allergens that might cause any issues for you.

Just a friendly reminder: keep in mind that this product isn’t designed to prevent pregnancy or protect against STIs. So be sure to take the necessary precautions and stay safe!

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CBD and its wonderful impact on intimacy

Here at Slaphappy, we place a huge importance on the research and development process, and each product we put out is carefully manufactured after months of meticulous research and rigorous testing processes. In order to bring you effective products, we have taken a deep dive into the world of cannabis, to understand how to harvest the highest quality ingredients and utilize CBD in the most efficient way to benefit intimacy.