Our Story

If you ended up here, it’s for a reason. Keep exploring to take your sensuality into your own hands. We’re just getting started.

Slaphappy was born in a “lightbulb moment”, as the fruit of many late-night discussions between 2 best friends about how we could use cannabis to its fullest and yield its powers to help us fix different intimacy-related issues. This is why our Intimacy oil was made.

An all-natural product created specifically for people with all kinds of sensitivities. A product for people who feel physical and mental discomfort that affect their intimate life. A product for people who can’t enjoy themselves fully due to pain, or stress, or dryness, or whatever reason.

We are really honored, humbled and proud to be a part of this movement.

Honoring Well-being, Nature, Inclusivity

We believe that intimacy wellness deserves to be a priority for everyone, and that it is just an extension of self-care. We want to make this accessible to everyone, to uplift your everyday.

We aim to change the conversation around self-care, pleasure, health and wellness, by shattering stigmas and supporting people through trusted products made with a drop of nature and a drop of science, designed just for you.

We approach intimacy and wellness in a cheerful, easy way and believe you shouldn’t need a PHD or have any experience with cannabis to appreciate the amazing benefits of CBD.


We believe in the power of Nature, and above all in spreading self-love in each one of us.

We want to transform the intimate wellness space by introducing a product that harnesses the benefits of cannabis in potent formulas that truly live up to their promises. Our natural and sustainable products use the therapeutic power of cannabis to enhance your intimate pleasure and rid your body of any stress. We want to encourage you to love yourself—and others, just a little more.

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